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Upcoming Events: Scaling Up: A Food Hub Workshop for Serious Growers in the Kansas City, Missouri Area,
Personalized SARE Grant Writing Workshop, Monday, November 2, 2015
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Kansas City Food Hub Feasibility Study (pdf)

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2014 Farm Bill - Five Steps to Meet Conservation Compliance"A Farm Advocate"


The ISFOP is part of Lincoln University Cooperative Extension (LUCE), created to help the small farmers and ranchers of Missouri, especially those who are socially disadvantaged and underserved, to raise the level of efficiency on their farms while taking good care of the soil, water and the environment. A vast body of resources is available from universities, government agencies and all sorts of organizations for small farmers. Unfortunately, many of the small farmers and ranchers are unaware of the information on opportunities. ISFOP will make farmers aware and assist them to access these resources so that they may improve their farms and farming operations, which in turn will improve their overall well-being.

The information provided by ISFOP to small farmers will help them adapt to a rapidly changing economy. We work in partnership with University of Missouri Extension (UME), other USDA and state agencies, and non-governmental organizations to provide research-based information on various farm topics to help farmers:

  • Lower input costs
  • Improve farming skills
  • Increase yields/productions
  • Improve record keeping systems
  • Try new enterprises
  • Find niche markets and improve marketing skills
  • Add value to the harvest/products


Urban Focus

In addition to working with the small farmers and ranchers, we also focus on urban food production in the two largest cities in our work area. One our goals is to help limited resource minority residents, especially the elderly, get access to fresh, nutritious produce. We have formed partnerships with various groups and community garden organizations that promote Urban Agriculture. If you are interested in growing a garden in your backyard or in your neighborhood, please contact us.

As interests arise in various aspects of farming, we will be offering relevant workshops or trainings.

Here are some of the workshops we have offered in the past:

  • Community gardening
  • Composting
  • Goat farming
  • Vegetable grafting
  • Native Plants for Pollination and in Landscaping
  • Grow Your Farm
  • Pastured poultry
  • High Tunnels


You are eligible to participate in the ISFOP if:

  • Your family lives on a farm.
  • Your family provides the management and most of the labor on your farm.
  • Your total family income is less than $50,000.
  • You have innovative ideas, and you want to improve your farm income.
  • You are a new farmer or an urban gardener in need of assistance.

Counties We Work In



Dr. K. B. Paul, ISFOP Program LeaderDr. K. B. Paul
Program Leader
(573) 681-5584



 Regina Thompson, Secretary, ISFOPRegina Thompson
(573) 681-5312
Fax: (573) 681-5313



Katie Nixon, ISFOP Small Farm SpecialistKatie Nixon
Small Farm Specialist
Jackson County
(816) 809-5074



Phillip Boydston, ISFOP Farm Outreach Worker Johnson and Cass Counties (and best friend)Phillip Boydston
Farm Outreach Worker
Johnson and Cass County
(816) 726-7720



Susan Jaster, ISFOP Farm Outreach WorkerSusan Jaster
Farm Outreach Worker
Lafayette and Ray County
(816) 589-4725



Reneesha R. Auboug, ISFOP Farm Outreach WorkerReneesha R. Auboug
Farm Outreach Worker
St. Charles and Lincoln County
(314) 838-4088



Jim Pierce, ISFOP Farm Outreach WorkerJim Pierce
Farm Outreach Worker
Platte and Clay County
(660) 232-1096



Miranda Duschack, ISFOP Small Farm SpecialistMiranda Duschack
Small Farm Specialist
St. Louis County and City
(314) 604-3403


Janet Hurst, ISFOP Farm Outreach WorkerJanet Hurst
Farm Outreach Worker
Franklin and Warren County
(660) 216-1749


Joyce Rainwater, ISFOP Farm Outreach WorkerJoyce Rainwater
Farm Outreach Worker
Jefferson and Washington County
(314) 800-4076


Nahshon Bishop
Small Farm Specialist
Barry and McDonald County
(417) 846-3948


 Stephen "Randy" Garrett ISFOP Farm Outreach Worker Newton and Jasper County Stephen "Randy" Garrett
Farm Outreach Worker
Newton and Jasper County
(417) 850-9391


 David Middleton, ISFOP Farm Outreach Worker Lawrence and Greene CountiesDavid Middleton
Farm Outreach Worker
Lawrence and Greene County
(417) 466-8056







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