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Student Code of Conduct

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Each student who enters Lincoln University is respected as an adult and is expected to demonstrate a high level of responsibility and maturity. Student honesty and integrity are fundamental elements of responsible citizenship and are part of the basic character required for a productive academic and social career. The university’s policies and regulations are established to protect the health, safety and daily operations of the university community. Students are responsible for knowing and following all published policies and regulations. Any person who commits a violation on or off campus will be subject to disciplinary procedures while enrolled at Lincoln University. Any member of the campus community may officially report a violation of the Student Conduct Code, university policies or housing policies. 

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Mission Statement

The mission of Student Conduct is to educate students concerning their rights, privileges, and responsibilities. The Code of Student Conduct, along with other university polices, are educational tools designed to assist students in their learning, inquiry, and development as active, involved, and responsible citizens.

We Strive to maintain a balance between the exercise of individual rights and fostering a caring and public affair driven community through education. Lincoln University students have rights that are to be respected. The following student rights and responsibilities are intended to reflect the philosophical base upon which all University student rules are built. This philosophy acknowledges the existence of both rights and responsibilities, which are inherent to an individual not only as a student at Lincoln University but also a citizen of this country.

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