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LUSGA Election Information

LUSGA Election Information

The candidate who receives the largest number of votes among the qualified candidates shall be elected. The SGA staff advisor and administrative branch shall certify the results of all SGA elections to the SGA senate no later than five academic days after the election.

All election results shall be announced on the evening of the election. All candidates and interested parties are welcome to witness the counting of votes. Counting will begin within an hour after the polls close if no complaints are filed. In the event a complaint is filed, no results for the specified office will be announced pending investigation.

If there is a tie for the largest number of votes, a run-off election shall be held between the qualified candidates receiving the tie vote.

If all candidates for any office are disqualified from an election for SGA or class officers, a new election date shall be set and new nominations accepted with adjusted election procedures by the SGA.

In case valid re-election is necessary, no additional candidate names shall be placed on the ballot.

Write-in Candidates

  • Write-in candidates are eligible to compete for all offices. In the event a write-in candidate wins, the candidate will not be confirmed until approved. The election results must be officially reviewed and verified.
  • A write-in candidate must declare candidacy forty-eight hours before Election Day.
  • A write-in candidate will not be allowed to participate in any SGA election forums, programs, etc.
  • A write-in candidate’s name will not appear on the ballot.
  • A write-in candidate’s name must be spelled as it is on file in the Records Office.
  • In the event a write-in candidate should win, the results of this specified office shall be held until the eligibility requirements have been ascertained.
  • A write-in candidate must follow the SGA General and Class Elections By-Laws.