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Non-Hazing Policy

Not only is hazing illegal, but all national fraternal organizations and Lincoln University have banned hazing. If it were revealed that any organization conducted hazing activities, the organization and its members would be sent through the university conduct process and face harsh disciplinary procedures.

For more information on all our hazing resources and policies, please click here.
If suspect hazing is happening in a fraternity or sorority, please reach out to:

Lincoln University defines hazing as a:

Willful act occurring on or off campus directed against a student or a prospective member of a registered student organization, athletic or band program. Acts of hazing shall include the following:

A. Any activity by one student acting alone or acting with others that recklessly endangers the physical health or safety of the student or prospective member including physical brutality, whipping, beating, branding, exposure to elements, forced consumption of food, alcoholic beverages, drug or other substances, or forced smoking or chewing of tobacco products;

B. Any activity which recklessly endangers the mental health of the student or prospective member, including sleep deprivation, physical confinement or other extreme stress-inducing activity;

C. Any activity that requires the student or prospective member to perform a duty or task that involves a violation of the criminal laws of Missouri;

D. Any activity by one student acting alone or acting with others that is directed against any other student for the purpose of humiliating or impairing the self-confidence of the student attacked; and

E. Any willful act by one student acting alone or with others attempting to commit any of the above acts.