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RG: College of Business and Professional Studies

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College of Business and Professional Studies

The College of Business and Professional Studies is comprised of the following three departments: 1) Department of Business and Economics, 2) Department of Military Science and 3) Department of Nursing Science.

            The Department of Business and Economics contains the following programs: Accounting, Administrative Office Management, Agribusiness, Business Administration, Business Education, Economics, Marketing and Public Administration.

            The Department of Military Science contains the ROTC program. 

            The Department of Nursing Science contains the Nursing Science program.  Students are able to obtain either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.


Sub-Group 01 Annual Reports

            Sub-Group 02 Dean Papers

            Sub-Group 03 Subject Files

            Sub-Group 04 Department of Military Science (ROTC)

Collection #1:  Files from the original vertical files, yet are University-generated.  These files contain information the ROTC history on Lincoln University’s campus, Rangers and Handbooks and Yearbooks from the Military Science Department.

                        Collection #2:  ROTC Scrapbook

Sub-Group 05 Veterans’ and Founders’ Day Commemoration        

            Sub-Group 07 Department of Business and Economics

            Sub-Group 10 Department of Nursing Science