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Collections Overview

The Lincoln University Collection is the compilation of various departmental, administrative, corporate and social records, documents, images and artifacts that chronicle the history of Lincoln University.  The Lincoln University Collection is broken into two categories: Lincoln Collection and Vertical Files.  The Lincoln Collection is broken into separate Record Groups based on the University's structure.  The Vertical Files are subject based and are therefore organized by subject title.  Click the Lincoln University Collection link for access to each of these collections.

The Ethnic Studies Special Collection consists of many collections of various ethnic groups, such as African, Native American, German, etc. The collection contains various forms of artifacts including, but not limited to, art, sculptures, textiles, objects/memorabilia and documents.

The Lincoln University Picture Collection is the compilation of images from the various University departments, including administrative, corporate and social entities.

The Black Bib/Ethnic Collection primarily focuses on books written by or about African/Black Americans, Native Americans and various other ethnic groups/subgroups (i.e. Germans in Missouri).

The Rare Book Collection consists of two main types of publications: 1) books that once circulated through the regular Library system but are now either considered rare or hold historical significance; and 2) books that hold major historical significance or provenance, specifically in regards to African/Black American history.

The Vertical Files are a collection of information about a particular subject.  These files contain newspaper articles, pamphlets, brochures, programs and a host of other source materials.  They are arranged by the subject title and within a subject, by name (eg. Alumni: Jones, Lucius).