Speech and Theatre (Minor)


The curriculum in Speech and Theatre embraces general education, preprofessional and professional objectives. It endeavors to prepare students to be intelligent, responsible, and effective communicators in a free society, to develop proficiency in audio-oral skills, and to enhance the cultural experience of the University and community through the presentation of creative activities.


Upon completion of requirements for the minor, the student will be prepared for graduate and professional study in the field of speech or theatre, in business, government, and the professions.

Degrees Offered


Required Courses

Minor: Speech and Theatre:

A minimum of 18 hours including SPT 209, 215, 349 and 358; JOU 399; and 2 hours of Theatre Practice. (A minimum grade of "C" is required in all courses for the minor.

Course Descriptions

Listed courses may not be taught every semester or every year. The department head and departmental advisors have information about projected course offerings for a semester/year.

SPT 150 VOICE AND DICTION. (3). Development of distinct enunciation, correct articulation and pronunciation, and an optimum pitch level. Special projects included for theatre students. No credit allowed toward the minor.

SPT 175 SPECIAL READINGS. (1-5). Topic to be listed in course catalog. May re-enroll as topic changes. May not be used as a general education requirement.

SPT 181/ THEATRE PRACTICE. (1). Students will participate in departmental 182/281/ productions as actors or technicians. 282/381/ 382/481/482

SPT 206 FUNDAMENTALS OF SPEECH. (3). A study of interpersonal and public communication theory and practice. This diverse course is designed to develop knowledge and skills in the processes effective to all communication in diverse contexts. Prerequisite: ENG 101 or 151H.

SPT 207 FUNDAMENTALS OF INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS. (3). A study of communication theory and its application to interpersonal and social relations. Development of knowledge, insights, and skills in the processes of group interaction. Emphasis will be given to identifying and developing strengths of communication and ease in face-to-face interactions. A lecture, reading, and discussion course. Prerequisite: ENG 101 or 151H.

SPT 209 INTRODUCTION TO THE THEATRE. (3). A survey course in the history, literature, criticism, and arts of the theatre.

SPT 215 ELEMENTARY STAGECRAFT. (3). Basic drafting techniques used in theatre and the principles and practices of scenery construction and rigging, property construction, and the operation of stage equipment. Students will staff construction and running crews of productions.

SPT 349 APPLIED PHONETICS. (3). Designed to develop proficiency in phonetic transcription and the acquisition of good American diction through the use of the phonetic alphabet, and the science of speech sound. Prerequisite: SPT 206.

SPT 358 BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING. (3). The study and practice of the techniques utilized by leaders in business, labor, education, and the professions. Prerequisite: SPT 206 or permission of the instructor.

SPT 379 THEORY AND TECHNIQUES OF ACTING. (3). Principles in the creation of character. Practical work in the building of various types of roles through classroom exercises. Prerequisite: SPT 209.

SPT 450 SPECIAL TOPICS IN THE THEATRE. (1-3). Topic to be listed in the course schedule. May enroll again as topic changes.