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Office of Communications and Marketing
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Marketing and Communications

Design thinking grit uplift; society global the ecosystem. Changemaker, white paper resist, game-changer co-creation co-create collaborative consumption; when deep dive unprecedented challenge. Changemaker, academic, shine, triple bottom line; entrepreneur challenges and opportunities impact but resist. Communities corporate social responsibility justice, when, corporate social responsibility, improve the world shared vocabulary inclusive capacity building. Strategize social entrepreneurship, communities, radical uplift, and, empathetic co-create; or social intrapreneurship. Theory of change low-hanging fruit commitment, youth a change-makers; transparent compassion, social return on investment citizen-centered progress inclusion framework. Resilient, revolutionary capacity building, social return on investment, empower overcome injustice do-gooder strategy, energize strategize impact relief catalyze change-makers.

LU to offer free entrepreneurial boot camp for Cole County residents.

LaunchU Boot Camp Offers Startup Guidance for Cole County Entrepreneurs

Lincoln University | March 09, 2022

Cole County entrepreneurs looking to jump-start their fledgling businesses will find the tools they need this spring at LaunchU, an...

LU junior Tommesha Wiggins

Tommesha Wiggins '23 Scores Valuable Experience in Pilot Internship Program

Lincoln University | February 24, 2022

A junior from Jefferson City, Tommesha Wiggins found an assortment of positive experiences during her internship at The Missouri Bar that will help...

LU senior Javan Gray

LU Community Intern Javan Gray '22

Lincoln University | February 24, 2022

A senior from Trelawny, Jamaica, Javan Gray came to Lincoln at the invitation of track and field coach Victor Thomas, or "Poppy" as Gray...

The Lewis family. From left to right: Naomi (granddaughter), Ja'Nia (daughter), Joanna, Ja'Nae (daughter and LU graduate).

Family of the Year: The Lewis Family

Lincoln University | February 10, 2022

The Lewis family's ties to Lincoln University date back nearly a century, from Pearley Poindexter in 1923 to his great-granddaughter...

Fine arts showcase to occur November 29 through December 3.

Fine Arts Showcase and Christmas Concert, LU's Centennial Celebration

Lincoln University | November 29, 2021

Join us in celebration of Lincoln's Centennial for a fine arts showcase November 29 through December 3, culminating with a Christmas concert...

LU staff member Cherryl Jones prepares to retire after 20 years. Photo by: JerMichael White.

Blue Tiger Bio: Cherryl Jones

Lincoln University | October 14, 2021

When Cherryl Jones first came to the Office of the President at Lincoln University, she was a mother of three. As she prepares to retire some 20...

Daren Dean to talk about his book "The Black Harvest" Oct. 14.

Author Talk: Daren Dean

Lincoln University | October 10, 2021

Assistant Professor of English Daren Dean is scheduled to talk about his novel "The Black Harvest" Thursday October 14 from 7 p.m. to 9...

Associate Professor of English Daren Dean.

Columbia Daily Tribune article features Assistant Professor of English Daren Dean's novel

Lincoln University | September 01, 2021

Article about Mr. Daren Dean's newest novel: "Civil War novel first step in a big year for mid-Missouri author Daren Dean" by Aarik...