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Title III Scholarship Application

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Do you need to expand your professional expertise? Learn more about our Title III scholarship application and process.


In order to increase the number of faculty/staff members who hold terminal degrees at Lincoln University-Missouri, the U. S. Department of Education supports offering Professional Development Scholarships.Such scholarships are offered to full-time faculty and staff members who intend to earn a terminal degree within their area of current employment. According to Lincoln University Rules and Regulation 3.25, "the doctoral degree in the faculty member's field is recognized as the terminal degree. The following degrees are also recognized by Lincoln University as terminal degrees":

  • Master of Fine Arts (Art: studio art and design)                                   
  • Master of Fine Arts (Theater: creative artist or technical artist)
  • Master of Fine Arts (English: creative writing)
  • Master of Social Work                                 
  • Master of Library Science                                                                         

Applications for the Title III Professional Development Scholarship are now being accepted.  In order to be considered, a faculty/staff member must have been a full-time employee of the university for one calendar year at the time of application.  Scholarships of up to $3,000 will be awarded, as requested, each academic year until funds are no longer available for that academic year. 

If awarded, the Title III Office will pay tuition and activity fees directly to the institution for the Winter, Summer and Fall Semesters only. Note. It is/will be the responsibility of the scholarship recipient to ensure that invoices are forwarded to the Title III Office for payment.The Title III Office will neither pay late fees nor reimburse individuals for fees paid out of pocket.

Application Process:

  1. Submit a completed Title III Professional Development Scholarship Application 
  2. Submit proof of acceptance into a terminal degree program from a regionally accredited institution (for new applicants).
  3. Submit an official transcript showing satisfactory completion of courses (for current scholarship recipients).
  4. The Title III Office will notify the applicant of award status via email.

All submissions must be emailed to the Title III Office 


Scholarship Application