Training Programs


Experiential and holistic, the Lincoln University Security Sciences Institute is crucial to preparing professionals ready to excel as they serve their communities, states, and our nation. Through higher education and certificate training, SSI will produce professionals who are adaptable to evolving threats, excel in interdisciplinary contexts, and make a global impact.

With a flexible educational plan design, SSI will focus on the needed skillsets and industry-recognized certificates to produce the most highly qualified and sought-after professionals in their fields. Students will tailor their education to reach their preferred career goals, where they can make the greatest difference.

Our programs emphasize ethical decision-making, which fosters collaborative mindsets and ensures that our graduates are not just responders but leaders shaping the future of security.


The Institute’s certification, education, and training currently include the following:

  • Lincoln University Law Enforcement Training Academy (LULETA): LULETA is the only one of its kind, the first in the nation at an HBCU. Students can explore the needed skills to become a community-oriented officer. The semester-long evening program has a 98% placement rate. Students will receive training in defense tactics, patrol, firearms, driver training, criminal investigations, traffic accident and law enforcement, first aid (first responder), and de-escalation skills.
  • Lincoln University ROTC: Lincoln University’s Army ROTC program, founded by soldiers, emphasizes leadership excellence as its core principle. The program’s mission is to commission future officer leadership for the United States Army, motivating young individuals to become exemplary citizens. Upon completion of the Army ROTC program and obtaining a degree from LU, cadets can be commissioned as second lieutenants in the United States Army, Army Reserves, or National Guard.

Future training will include the following:

  • Lincoln University Fire and Rescue Training Academy: The Lincoln University Fire and Rescue Training Academy will deliver high-quality, standards-based training and education to fire and emergency service professionals, empowering them to make a substantial difference in safeguarding the lives and property of citizens in our communities.
  • National Emergency Management Basic Academy (NEMBA): Plans are underway with FEMA and SEMA to establish this academy, a gateway for individuals pursuing a career in emergency management.