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Course Evaluations

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Find information and links to access course evaluations at Lincoln University of Missouri.

Course evaluations are an important part of Lincoln University's commitment to excellence in teaching. Each semester, Lincoln University collects student feedback about courses and faculty through course evaluations. Course evaluation results help faculty gain a better understanding of how well they are meeting the learning needs of their students. Student feedback helps them to develop, modify and improve their courses. Departments use course evaluation results when they evaluate instructors' teaching effectiveness each year. These annual reviews are used in promotion and tenure decisions.

In the Fall 2014 semester, Lincoln University implemented a new online course evaluation system called SmartEvals . The SmartEvals system is administered by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. You must be authorized by the OIRA to access the system. If you believe you should have access but are unable to log-on, please contact OIRA at

Course Evaluation Results

In 2008, the Missouri State Legislature mandated that higher education institutions publicly post certain consumer information, including student evaluations, to assist current and prospective students with making informed decisions. To fulfill the requirements of Senate Bill 389, Lincoln University chose to make available to the public the following five questions:

Q1:  The instructor communicated the material clearly.
(5) Strongly Agree (4) Agree (3) Neutral (2) Disagree (1) Strongly Disagree

Q2:  The instructor showed a negative attitude when interacting with students. (5) Strongly Disagree (4) Disagree (3) Neutral (2) Agree (1) Strongly Agree

Q3: The instructor's expectations were vague
(5) Strongly Disagree (4) Disagree (3) Neutral (2) Agree (1) Strongly Agree

Q4:  The instructor treated students with respect. (5) Strongly Agree (4) Agree (3) Neutral (2) Disagree (1) Strongly Disagree

Q5:  The instructor contributed to my understanding of course content.
(5) Strongly Agree (4) Agree (3) Neutral (2) Disagree (1) Strongly Disagree

Course Evaluation Results (Fall 2014 - current)