Youth Development - Charleston and Sikeston Missouri

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Southeast Missouri

To implement programs that help build strong families and provide self-esteem to our youth.

Teen Talk has provided over 150 students with peer-to-peer counseling and mutual support.

  • The program helps teenagers become aware of the complex set of factors in their environment, the rules and regulations of the social institutions to which they are exposed, and the accessibility of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs. helps families become more supportive, better listeners, and help keep the family lines of communication open. There have been over 50 families participating in the program.
  • The program offers interactive learning activities and strategies for coping with abuse and neglect. Strengthening Families reduces risk factors that expose youth and their families to potential abuse and neglect from alcohol and other drugs.
  • The program also enhances protective factors existing in the individual, family unit, and community that help protect them from that abuse.
  • The program helps improve students educational skills in each of the four basic subjects; Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science. in Charleston, MO was developed to help senior citizens, children, and parents increase their knowledge of nutritional eating habits.
  • The Fitness Program is also incorporated as part of the Division of Youth Services P.E. component. Participants exercise to increase their energy level, lose pounds, and feel better about themselves. was a partnering adventure with the YMCA, Mission Missouri, and DAEOC.

The program served 40 youths from grades K-5th grade. Over 450 contacts were made during the 5-week program. The program components for summer camp included:

  • Strengthening Families Program
  • Lincoln University Tutoring Program
  • Lincoln University Fitness Program
  • Summer Camp Program
  • Fitness and Health
  • Character Development
  • Arts and Crafts/Self Esteem Building
  • Recreation/Weekly Swimming at the YMCA
  • Field Trips, including a visit to the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee

Youth Development - Charleston


These programming efforts produced a reduction in drug and alcohol abuse among teenagers, sexual transmitted diseases, and prevention efforts of teenage pregnancy. Individuals have the ability to identify safe verses unsafe environment, and helps increase safe secure homes. There is also an improvement in attitude and behavior in children participating in programs reported by parents and educator. Due to pre-test and post-test surveys over a three-year period allows us to see potential programs effects.

For more information contact:
Felecia Anderson
Youth-At-Risk Specialist
201 N. Stoddard Street
Sikeston, MO 63801
(573) 471-3059