Youth Development - Caruthersville title

Location: Southeast Missouri - Caruthersville


Youth Development - Caruthersville


  • To work in targeted communities with focus on Caruthersville and Pemiscot County and implement Programs that address the needs of youth at risk.

  • To work collaboratively with community groups in achieving initiatives that address youth needs.

After School Program: October - May
Over 40 students K -5th grade attend the After School program from 3:30 -5:30pm, Monday through Thursday. Sessions include tutoring, reading period, computer skills and character development.
Summer Enrichment Camp was held July 6 through August 6, 2004.  A safe environment was provided to 72 school age Children K-8th grade. To improve leadership abilities, arts and crafts, computer technology, fitness and recreation, nutritious meals, character development and field trips Monday -Friday.

Computer Training for Adults:
A 4 week computer skills training program was provided to adults who participated in the Hayti and Caruthersville GED programs.

Special Activity:

  • 140 children from the Public Housing Authority and immediate surrounding area pre-school through 8th grade attended the October Fall Festival that was held on October 31, 2004 in collaboration with other agencies.  Children were provided with a safe structured environment to celebrate Halloween.  Games, prizes, no smoking poster contest, snacks, and treat bags were provided

  • Seven Caruthersville youth attended the 4- H Teen Conference at Columbia, MO January 31- Feb. 1, 2004.  Four youth from the Homestown and Caruthersville area attended the 4 -H State Congress, June2-4th, 2004.

Back To School Supplies Activities:

  • Collaborated with other agencies in Pemiscot County to provide over 350 youth from Caruthersville and Hayti communities with school supplies and back packs.


  • After School: October- May, 2004:
    General tutoring, reading assistance, computer skills, and character development sessions were made available to all students.  A total of 1,190 sign in signatures are on file for the total year

  • Eighteen students who were enrolled in the after school program were tracked in partnership with the public school system in monitoring student progress. 

  • Sixteen students showed improvements in one or more subject areas, one student maintained same grade level and one student showed no improvements.  Of those sixteen students six were reading above grade level, six were reading at grade level, six were reading below grade level, twelve students showed no unsatisfactory classroom behavior, four showed unsatisfactory work habits and social behavior, and two showed unsatisfactory classroom work behavior.

  • Overall our After School program helped the children who participated learn good study habits established working relationship with Caruthersville Elementary teaching staff.

Summer Enrichment Camp:

  • Children felt secure in a safe structured environment

  • Out of 60 enrollment slots average daily attendance was 52 students.

  • During our Arts & Crafts sessions, students learned how to make items, identify leaves and keep a journal

  • During Character development sessions students engaged in life skills discussions, visited the Justice Center (after completing topics on good and bad decisions about your life), and participated in role playing which helped students understand how to make good decisions. 

  • During Computer Skills sessions, students learned how to operate the computer, load software, and access programs and the Internet.

  • During Fitness and Recreation summer camp sessions, students were weighed at the beginning and end of summer camp.  Through a combination of eating nutritious meals and participating in physical exercise, a net loss of 8 pounds was recorded for all children.

  • The end of summer camp field trip was a good motivator for children to attend daily.

  • A total of four staff and ten volunteers contributed to the well run summer camp.

4 -H Conference and State Congress:

  • A total of eleven youth attended workshops, government activity and participated in supervised recreational activities. Youth are interested in starting a LUCE Caruthersville 4 -H Club.

  • Lincoln University Extension staff is collaborating and partnering with other organizations in Pemiscot County.


  • Citizens have identified the need for structured after school programs in Caruthersville.

  • Parents appreciate and express a need for summer programs each year.

  • LUCE staff and youth who attended 4-H Congress are in the process of organizing 4- H Clubs in Caruthersville.

  • Caruthersville LUCE staff members are partnering with other organizations to bring in funding that will support LUCE programs.


For more information contact:

Louise Tipler
Youth At-Risk Specialist
Lincoln University Cooperative Extension
Outreach Center
18th and Compress Rd.
Caruthersville, MO  63830
Phone: (573) 333-5309