University Farms

Events: Alternative Agriculture Field Day (at Alan T. Busby Farm), June 4, 2014

Cooperative Research maintains research farms which function as facilities in support of research and extension activities. Primarily, they are field laboratories. The farms have assisted in the support of beef cattle, sheep, goat, swine, plant and soil science, and environmental science research, as well as a number of extension activities.

Objective: These farms provide facilities and outdoor laboratories to conduct research, meeting rooms and other facilities to support extension and research activities, and outdoor laboratory opportunities for teaching.  Our meeting rooms are also available for use by public entities.

Summary: Carver Farm, and its employees currently support research in the areas of plant science (herbs and sweet potatoes), environmental science (GIS/greenhouse gasses), and animal science (sheep, goat, and aquaculture).  We also maintain a small beef cattle demonstration herd at the Carver Farm.  While some assistance is given to the plant science and environmental science research programs, a more significant contribution is given to the animal science program.  In the sheep/goat area, herbs are being tested to determine if adding them to feed can be effective in reducing internal parasites.   In the aquaculture area, indoor recycling systems are being used in combination with outdoor rearing ponds to determine if bluegill sunfish can be successfully raised as a food fish.  The project also seeks to determine whether a swine rearing facility can be economically converted to aquaculture production.  Another major operation of the our farms is to raise the feedstuffs needed to support the research animals and to sell the excess production to support other research activities.  The farms are also used by the teaching component of Lincoln University Cooperative Extension and Research for laboratory activities.

The impact of our farms is dependent upon the research and extension programs using the farm facilities.  Thousands of people visit the farm for activities yearly.

Our University Farms include:

Alan T. Busby Farm
5124 Goller Road
Jefferson City, MO
Directions to Busby

For more information contact:
Christopher Boeckmann, Farm Manager
Phone: (573) 635-2063


George Washington Carver Farm
3804 Bald Hill Road
Jefferson City, MO
Directions to Carver Farm

James N. Freeman Farm
9315 Tanner Bridge Road
Jefferson City, MO
Directions to Freeman Farm

For more information contact:
Jeremia Markway, Farm Manager
Phone: (573) 681-5540


Dickinson Research Facility (DRF)

As a requirement to utilize DRF for research, you must complete and submit the Lincoln University Cooperative Research Charles E. Dickinson Plant and Soil Science Greenhouse Complex Usage Request Form. Visit and log in to the webpage for more information: Lincoln University Cooperative Research Charles E. Dickinson Plant and Soil Science Greenhouse Complex Usage Request

MO Soil & Water Districts Commission Lincoln University George Washington Carver Farm Tour (video)