Immunization Records


All current on campus, newly enrolled, re-enrolled or transfer students must provide the following to Thompkins Health Center-Student Health Services:

1. Immunization Record with proof of two (2) doses of MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) - Not required for students born before 1956. If records are not available, medical confirmation that the student had the disease(s) or a titer (blood test) will be accepted.

2. Complete a targeted Tuberculosis (TB) Screening
           If you have had a positive TB-test in the past, you must show proof of a negative chest
           x-ray done in the last calendar year and any treatment recieved.

3. For students living in University Residence Halls: In accordance with Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 174, State Colleges and Universities, Section 174.335, Lincoln University requires all students who reside in on-campus housing to present documentation of meningococcal vaccination received after the student turned 16 years old. All students living in our residence halls, starting July 1, 2015, MUST have the meningitis vaccine.

Records can be provided via the following methods:

Electronic copies can be uploaded with the required Student Health Form, located here.

Records may be mailed to Thompkins Health Center at this address:

Thompkins Health Center

Lincoln University of Missouri

820 Chestnut Street

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Records may be sent via fax to this number: 573-681-5877