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Evacuation Procedures Of Persons With Disabilities



Evacuation Procedures Of Persons With Disabilities

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All persons (including those who are disabled) should proceed toward the nearest safe emergency exit and exit the building - with the help of others, if necessary. An individual with a disability should contact the Americans with Disabilties Act (ADA) Coordinator to make arrangements for a safe evacuation in advance.  Please review the guidelines for creating an evacuation plan and fill out form below if you choose to create a plan, please submit it to the ADA Coordinator at the same address as the contact information listed at the bottom of the page.

Guidelines for Creating an LU Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Form

IF PREVIOUS ARRANGEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN MADE a person that is disbaled should request help from others in the area in order to exit the building. If this is not successful proceed to an "AREA of REFUGE" which should be a fire exit stairwell or an otherwise designated location. It is best to know, ahead of time, where an "AREA of REFUGE" is located. It is strongly recommended to have some form of communication to the outside world from an "AREA of REFUFGE" – cell phone, emergency phone, etc. or let someone else know so this information can be provided to emergency responders. Close all fire doors behind you.

If you have a phone available, call 681-5555 or 5555 (on campus phone) and give your name and location OR let someone know where you will be, beforehand, so they can relay the information to emergency responders. Do not call 911 from your cell phone.

If a person that is disabled is visiting a department, it is that department's responsibility to assign sufficient employees or students to assist in evacuation when necessary and to alert the Lincoln University Police Department, EHS, and/or Emergency Responders. The Jefferson City Fire Department takes control of the building in any fire situation – they need to be alerted to any instance where assistance is required to evacuate the building.