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Lincoln University of Missouri Celebrates Significant Academic Improvements Over the Last Three Years

Abbey Tauchen | May 30th, 2024

Lincoln University is proud to announce a substantial improvement in the academic standing of its full-time, main-campus student population over the past three years. This remarkable progress underscores the resilience and dedication of LU students, faculty and staff, as well as the University's commitment to academic excellence.

The number of students achieving a GPA of 3.0 or higher, qualifying for the Dean’s List, has steadily increased:

  • Spring 2024: 561 students
  • Spring 2023: 519 students
  • Spring 2022: 504 students

This 11% increase from spring 2022 to spring 2024 reflects the hard work and dedication of Lincoln University students in pursuing academic excellence.

In addition, the number of students maintaining a GPA of 2.0 or higher, indicating good academic standing, has also shown significant growth:

  • Spring 2024: 535 students
  • Spring 2023: 519 students
  • Spring 2022: 471 students

This 14% rise from spring 2022 to spring 2024 highlights the effectiveness of the support systems and resources available at LU, fostering an environment where students can thrive academically.

One of the most encouraging trends is the 25% decrease in the number of students on probation or suspension since Spring 2022. This decline demonstrates the University's successful efforts in identifying and supporting students who need additional academic assistance. 

Celebrating Resilience and Commitment

  • Student Achievement: The consistent increase in the number of students achieving high academic standards is a testament to the dedication and resilience of LU’s student body.
  • Support Systems: The University’s comprehensive support systems, including tutoring, advising and mental health services, have played a crucial role in helping students succeed.
  • Faculty Excellence: LU’s faculty members have shown unwavering commitment to student success through innovative teaching methods, personalized attention and mentorship.
  • Community Engagement: The entire LU community has fostered a supportive and motivating environment, encouraging students to strive for and achieve their best.
  • Resilient Spirit: The spirit of resilience that characterizes LU students is evident in their ability to overcome challenges and consistently improve their academic standing.

As Lincoln University continues to celebrate these achievements, it remains committed to further enhancing the academic experience and success of its students. The University is dedicated to providing the resources, support and opportunities necessary for all students to reach their full potential.

The improvements in academic standing at Lincoln University over the past three years are a source of great pride and a clear indicator of the strength and resilience of the LU community. With a steadfast commitment to academic excellence and student success, Lincoln University looks forward to continuing this upward trajectory and achieving even greater milestones in the future.

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