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Empowering Cybersecurity Education: Lincoln University's Success at Cyber STL Day and Future Opportunities with Ameren Missouri's Support

Abbey Tauchen | March 11th, 2024

On Friday, February 23, Lincoln University of Missouri participated in Cyber STL Day at the Cortex CIC, located in the Microsoft Technology Center in St. Louis, Missouri. This engagement was made possible through the Mid-Missouri K-12 Cybersecurity Consortium, known as Project REACH. The consortium recently received significant support from Ameren Missouri, which has now become a primary sponsor.

Ameren Missouri pledged $20,000 for the academic year. This financial contribution is directed towards supporting student activities, facilitating travel and enhancing programming associated with the Project REACH partnership. This collaborative initiative involves Lincoln University, Jefferson City and Capital City High Schools and the Clyde C. Miller Career Academy in St. Louis.

Project REACH, a feeder program for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), aims to diversify the cybersecurity workforce by ensuring equal access to cybersecurity education for all students. In 2022, the program expanded by incorporating 10 additional HBCUs, including Lincoln University.

Thanks to Ameren's financial support, students have already benefited from a visit to the Missouri Office of Administration, Information Technologies and Services in Jefferson City. This visit provided valuable insights into cybersecurity career paths and internship opportunities. Additionally, Ameren's sponsorship facilitated the successful execution of Cyber STL Day.

In partnership with GatewayGIS, Cyber STL Day brought together students, teachers and guests from the Jefferson City School District, St. Louis Public Schools and Lincoln University. The event featured the participation of several local businesses, institutions and nonprofit organizations, all sharing their expertise in the STEM field. Dr. Darius Watson, Lincoln’s executive director for academic initiatives, attended the event.

Looking ahead, Ameren's funding will play a crucial role in expanding opportunities for students within the Mid-Missouri Consortium. Planned activities include a visit to Ameren in April, an extension of the summer cybersecurity camp and the potential development of a team to participate in regional and/or national cybersecurity competitions. The continuous support from Ameren promises a bright future for cybersecurity education and career exploration for all participating students.

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