Happy Thanksgiving from Lincoln

November 24th, 2022

Thank you for all the responses to Dr. Moseley's request to share what you are grateful for about Lincoln University. Each one is a reminder of how our university has made an impact on our students, alumni, faculty and staff — and why we continue our mission to move Lincoln forward.

Scroll down to read a sampling of the responses.

We are thankful for the high-quality education that we received at Lincoln, which led to successful careers for both of us. The lifelong friendships established through a great campus social experience were big bonuses as well. The value we received for the price we paid was simply amazing.

— Milferd (Mel) Bruemmer ’72 and Rebecca (Becky) Roth Bruemmer ’73


My thankfulness is twofold. First, I am so happy to be a part of the LU team, and I enjoy working together with such great teams to be one piece in the success of our students. From the LU parent side, I am so thankful we have such a university in our backyard that provides students this opportunity. My son is an LU alum — 2020 with an agriculture degree — and is doing great things in his field of study. Without LU, this close to home, that degree would not have happened for him.

— Cindy Wansing, executive director, Student Financial Services


I’m thankful that I received a great education from LU in the early ’90s, when I was working full time for the state and able to attend school at night. This school is a legacy within my family. My dad attended and other family members as well. It’s a part of us, and both of my daughters have attended; one is there right now as a sophomore. I completely support LU and everything it stands for. So thank you, and I am very proud of this institution.

— Rayna S. Rice ’98


I am most thankful that Lincoln is an open enrollment school, which allows opportunities for students who would not otherwise have this. Thanks for caring faculty, staff and administration.

— Rosie Davis, area educator


I am thankful that Lincoln University offered me a Presidential Scholarship in 1971. I am thankful that God has blessed me to “give back” to LU through financial contributions and an endowed scholarship to help someone else obtain a college education. I am most thankful that Lincoln University still exists and still provides an excellent education for a diverse population of talented young people after more than 150 years.

— Sharon Dees Bracey ’75


I am grateful for an affordable school with excellent staff who prepared me to do well in my profession — education. I am especially grateful for the wonderful friends I made in my early years who are still dear friends in my life. I am grateful for life skills I learned, which still serve me decades later: goal setting, perseverance, kindness.

— Sandra Broadnax Betts ’69


I am grateful for the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious HBCUs in the U.S. — Lincoln University of Missouri. I studied at Lincoln University of Missouri whilst I was an international student, a track and field athlete, student worker and resident advisor. Lincoln University gave me the opportunity to hone my skills as I focused on my career path in civil engineering. Also, I'm grateful for the knowledgeable professors who, over the years, have shared their knowledge and expertise with me.

— Okine Codlyn ’10


I am super grateful for the close friends I have made here over the past couple years. My life really has never been the same after meeting them, and I honestly think we came into each other’s lives at the same time and changed each other for the everlasting greater good. And I have Lincoln to thank for that!

— Ragavi Premnath ’23


The people! Our stakeholder clients’ ingenuity, inventiveness, tenacity and humanity in the face of myriad challenges never cease to amaze me. I learn so much from them! Also, our colleagues’ commitment to Missouri’s farm families is real and impactful. I am grateful that I am able to do this important work with talented people. The mission! The mission of LU infuses our work with meaning. At LU I combine my passion for sustainable farming with my spiritual need to serve my community in one career.

— Miranda S. Duschack, small farm specialist


I’m grateful for the nursing program at Lincoln. Although it was demanding at times, I felt as though I was more than adequately prepared for my career. You gave me the opportunity to succeed in life however modest. Thank you.

— Elaine Porter ’90

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