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Lincoln University of Missouri Graduates 8 New Law Enforcement Officers

Lincoln University | May 27th, 2022
Lincoln University of Missouri graduated eight new law enforcement professionals at a commencement ceremony May 26 in Pawley Theater on the LU campus. The newly minted officers make up the fourth class to complete the program of LU's Law Enforcement Training Academy in Jefferson City. Launched in early 2021, the Lincoln University Law Enforcement Training Academy (LULETA) is the only one of its kind, the first in the nation at a HBCU. 
The new graduates are: Miguel Barton of Jefferson City, Mo.; Marcellis Blackwell of Palos Hills, Ill.; Madison James of Jefferson City, Mo.; Saleh Lajkem of St. Louis, Mo.; Benjamin Ofori of Jefferson City, Mo.; Bradley Richter of Jefferson City, Mo.; Denisha Taylor of St. Louis, Mo.; and Keon Woodall of Memphis, Tenn.
At the ceremony, Lincoln University President Dr. John B. Moseley commended Chief Hill for his work with LULETA, a program designed to produce more officers of color and to equip all officers with the skills and cultural competency to better manage difficult situations. 
"We know that you have all signed up for among the noblest of professions," Moseley congratulated the graduates. "My hats off to you."
Addressing the graduates, Hill encouraged them to bring peace. 
"You are all now peace officers," he said. "Your responsibility includes bringing lasting peace to your communities -- to the communities that you serve, be the peace." 
He also reminded them that diversity in law enforcement starts with them. 
"It's not just diversity of skin color. It's diversity of thought," Hill said. "When you wake up in the morning and put your badge and gun on, make sure the community is getting the best version of you every day."
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