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Alumni Council

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Strengthening Bonds and Building Futures

The Lincoln University of Missouri Alumni Council is dedicated to fostering a lifelong connection between the University and its more than 19,000 alumni. Our mission is to ensure that the voices of all alumni are heard as we plan for our future. We aim to include a diverse group of alumni on this council, spanning various age groups, backgrounds, geographies, and career fields.

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Applying to Join the Lincoln University Alumni Council

We invite interested alumni to apply for membership in the Lincoln University Alumni Council. 

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Alumni Council Development Plan

Objective: The establishment of the Lincoln University of Missouri Alumni Council aims to strengthen the bond between the University and its alumni.

1. Membership and Structure

Membership is open to Lincoln University of Missouri graduates and individuals who have completed at least one semester of coursework at Lincoln University of Missouri.

The Council will consist of 16 alumni members.

  • Applications will be accepted to identify candidates for membership.
  • Members will be selected by the President of Lincoln University, the President of the Lincoln University Board of Curators, and the Vice President for University Advancement based on their commitment to the University, professional achievements, and willingness to contribute to the Council’s activities.
  • Future Council members may be nominated by the sitting Council but must still complete the application and selection process.
  • Council members will serve four-year terms.*

*Up to half of the initial membership will serve two-year terms, and no more than half of the membership will roll off in any year.

2. Meetings

The Council will hold quarterly meetings to discuss ongoing projects, upcoming events, and other pertinent business. To facilitate participation, the Council’s regular meeting schedule will include two in-person* and two virtual meetings.

*Travel for in-person meetings will be the responsibility of the member. The University will provide necessary documentation for members who wish to include their travel-related expenses for tax purposes.

The annual meeting will be held in person* during Homecoming Weekend. The agenda will include strategic planning for the upcoming year and a review of the previous year’s activities.

*Travel for in-person meetings will be the member's responsibility. The University will provide the necessary documentation for members who wish to include their travel-related expenses for tax purposes.

3. Engagement

Create a beneficial relationship between the University and alumni that enhances the alumni experience and supports the University’s growth and success.

  • Build and celebrate local and regional alumni communities.
  • Support personal and professional growth of alumni.
  • Enhance alumni engagement with the University.
  • Champion alumni philanthropy through time, talent, and resources.

Create meaningful opportunities for alumni to connect, contribute, and celebrate their connection with the institution through diverse and inclusive events and programs.

  • Build and celebrate alumni communities of diverse collegiate interests, professional interests, and experiences.
  • Support personal and professional growth of alumni.
  • Grow engagement of the full alumni population.

Foster engagement of a diverse alumni community.

  • Organize annual events such as Homecoming, reunions, and networking mixers.
  • Create one-on-one and group mentoring opportunities with current students and recent graduates.
  • Participate as subject matter experts in industry-specific panel discussions and workshops.
  • Encourage involvement to further the University’s mission and initiatives.
  • Celebrate and recognize personal and professional alumni achievements and accomplishments.

Provide updates, information and promote opportunities for involvement with and in support of the University.

  • Create a sense of belonging through communications on stories and accomplishments of the University and alumni.
  • Create and connect personal and professional alumni communication networks.
  • Gather feedback and drive constructive dialogue.

By joining the Lincoln University Alumni Council, you will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the future of our beloved institution. Apply today and become a part of a dedicated team working to enhance the legacy of Lincoln University.

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Misty Nunn, Class of 2000
Executive Director of University and Alumni Relations 
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