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Incomplete Coursework

If a student receives a grade of "I" or "X," the course must be completed and the instructor must submit the final grade to the Office of the Registrar (1) within the first four weeks of the student's next fall or spring semester of enrollment, or (2) within one calendar year from the end of the semester or summer session in which the "I" or "X" was received if the student does not re-enroll. Once an "I" or "X" grade has been submitted, it cannot be changed until the following semester.

Failure to meet the four-week or one-year deadline will automatically cause the incomplete to change to an "F." Any extension of the time limit must be approved by the dean of the college in which the course was taken. An incomplete grade that has been converted to an "F" may be reconverted to an "I" only with the dean's approval.

The student is responsible for contacting his/her instructor regarding completion of coursework. Deadlines for submission of "I" and "X" grades are listed in the Academic Calendar.