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Grade Re-Evaluation

A student who has reasons which can be substantiated to request a grade change must meet with the instructor (or the appropriate department head if the instructor is no longer on campus) and request a re-evaluation of his/her performance in the class. The instructor, upon receipt of the student's request, will review his/her records. If it is determined that a change of grade is justified, the instructor will fill out a grade change form and submit it to the department head for action. It is then forwarded to the dean. It must have dean's approval prior to being sent to the Office of Records.

If the instructor determines that a student's request for a grade change is not justified, the student may appeal. To do so, he/she must obtain a "Student Academic Complaint Policy and Procedure" form from the Division of Academic Affairs. The student must complete the form and deliver it to the instructor within 90 days following the posting of the grade. It is suggested that the form be delivered in person or by certified mail. The form specifies the action to be taken and the timeline for doing so. The form also lists the following caution: Students are urged to recognize that the filing of formal academic complaints is a serious undertaking and that the students themselves are subject to all legal codes pertaining to behavior which involves slander, libel or malicious intent.