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Fostering Academic and Professional Growth: Lincoln University of Missouri Show Your Stripes Research Showcase 2024

Abbey Tauchen | April 12th, 2024

On Wednesday, April 3, and Thursday, April 4, Inman E. Page Library hosted the third Show Your Stripes Undergraduate Research Showcase. Five Lincoln University undergraduate students majoring in psychology, technology, political science and biology presented their papers on anthropology, communications and political science, providing a wide array of interests and research. Dozens of agriculture and education undergraduate students also exhibited their posters at the showcase.

The students presented their papers competitively, focusing on their research and presentation skills. Each student presenter was sponsored by a faculty member associated with their research. A mix of faculty and staff judged the students and selected three winners.


Senior political science major Nia Walker presented research at the showcase. 

Ari Starks, a psychology major and communications minor, won first place for his paper titled, “Blackness and Transness: A Dive into a Unique and Introspective World.” Second place went to psychology major and criminal justice minor Erin Lamber for her paper titled, “Implications of Direct-to-Consumer DNA Testing,” and third place was awarded to Travis Barrett, a biology major and anthropology minor, for his paper titled, “The Risk of a New Henrietta Lacks?”

The showcase helped refine students’ academic and professional skills, offering hands-on experience in presenting research and networking. Erin Lambert says she enjoys public speaking and wanted to practice those skills in the competition, as they would be useful as she pursues a career as a victim advocate.


Lincoln University student Erin Lambert won second place for her paper titled, “Implications of Direct-to-Consumer DNA Testing."

All three students shared similar reasons for participating in this year’s Show Your Stripes Undergraduate Research Showcase, noting the professional development skills they gained from the experience.

Erin Lambert reflects, “I made a promise to myself not to pass up on any opportunity presented to me.” 

“The feedback was really good, particularly as I go into a Ph.D. program,” Ari Starks says.

nichole-voegeli_show-your-stripes-24_lincoln-university-of-missouri_1200x630.pngSenior technology major Nichole Voegeli presented research at the showcase. 

This year’s Show Your Stripes Undergraduate Research Showcase was organized by Jake Durham, director of Page Library, Lily Hunter, reference and instruction librarian, and Dr. Christine E. Boston, associate professor of anthropology and sociology. The first Show Your Stripes Research Showcase was organized and sponsored by Inman E. Page Library staff and Dr. Boston in 2019. An attempt was made to do so again in 2020 but was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Former Inman E. Page Library staff member Ari Pappas organized the second Showcase in 2023. Durham plans on expanding the Showcase in subsequent years to include a juried poster competition, followed by the incorporation of a graduate student and faculty competition, as well as one for incoming freshmen to Lincoln University.


Lincoln University student Travis Barrett won third place for his paper titled, “The Risk of a New Henrietta Lacks?”

Travis Barrett’s advice for students who wish to participate in the showcase next year?

“Go for it!” he says. “Find a topic you’re genuinely interested in and do research on it. Don’t be afraid to dig for more.”