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Lincoln University of Missouri’s Dr. Elizabeth Dorssom Publishes New Book on Missouri State Politics

Abbey Tauchen | March 25th, 2024

Lincoln University of Missouri’s Dr. Elizabeth Dorssom, assistant professor of political science, recently published a new book — Missouri State Politics: Government in the Show-Me State.

In the book, Dr. Dorssom delves into the political status of Missouri in the United States, offering a comprehensive exploration of its rich political tradition through a comparative approach. Within these pages, readers gain insight into Missouri’s political system and traditions, contextualized alongside other states’ constitutions, policymaking and institutions. From the general assembly to governors and the judicial system, the book sheds light on Missouri's basic institutions, while also providing an overview of the state government's powers, its constitutional organization and the influential roles played by campaigns, political parties and interest groups. Through an in-depth explanation and comprehensive overview, readers gain a deep understanding of the structure and inner workings of Missouri's political system.

Missouri State Politics: Government in the Show-Me State can be purchased from the publisher or on Amazon.

Dr. Dorssom’s other 2024 literary achievements include: