The Blue Tiger portal lets you control how you receive messages and alerts sent via the portal.

Delivery Options

Portal Delivery

All messages and alerts sent via the My Messages system in the LU Blue Tiger portal will be delivered to the portlet on the Portal Home page for the user Role you are a member of (Staff, Faculty or Student) as is appropriate.

One of the features of the My Messages system is that it allows the sender to select the group messages should be delivered to so you only receive messages pertinent to you.


You can choose to have Messages from the portal delivered via SMS. Make sure your account is configured with your cell phone number and carrier then click the Preferences tab in the My Messages portlet on your Portal Home page (Faculty/Staff or Students) and check the box under SMS, where enabled.

More options are in the process of being developed that will give you the ability to choose which messages you want to receive via SMS and which you only want to receive via the portal.


Email delivery of messages via the portal is currently not available. We are working to explore options and hope to be able to offer email delivery at some time soon.

How to manage your account settings

You can set your contact information and add or update your cell phone number to receive SMS messages by visiting My Account in your Control Panel under my menu. Some options may be unavailable/read only if they have been required by an administrator.

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