Staff Employee of the Quarter


The Staff Employee of the Quarter is a way Staff Council recognizes outstanding work efforts of staff at Lincoln University.  Selected employees receive recognition in Staff Council newsletter, list serve, and website in addition to receiving small tokens of appreciation.   More information is below with entry form on bottom. 



The following criteria will be used in selecting a staff Employee of the Quarter:

·         Employee must have full time staff status and have worked for one year for Lincoln University.


·         A minimum of three nominations have to be received to grant an award for a given quarter.


·         Employees may not win the award more than once per year.


·         Information on the employee will be gathered from the nomination form and the nominated employee’s supervisor.


·         Employee should show the following qualities:


      Demonstrates initiative

Shows a high quality of work

Maintains a positive attitude in the workplace

Performed duties that exceed expectations or requirements of the position


Process for selection

·         Forms for the Employee of the quarter will be available on the Lincoln University web site. 

·         Selections will be made by the ad hoc Committee on Employee Relations; five of the seven members must be present for selection; nominated members may not participate in the selection process.

·         Forms will be submitted electronically or by campus mail to the chair of the ad-hoc Committee on Employee Relations. 

·         Nominations will be accepted any time prior to the deadlines of the first Thursday in the following months; February, May, August, and November.

·         The selection board will meet the second week of the above listed months to make the selection.

·         The recipient of the award will be notified by email.

·         The selected employee may receive:

      Employee of the quarter certificate

Recognition in the staff newsletter

Prize from Staff Council

Gift certificate for dinner