Inman E. Page Library has several departments which correlate and function together to provide the best possible service to the University. It is our hope that our patrons will profit from their experience in this enriched academic environment.

Library Mission Statement

We affirm that the library's purpose is to support the University's mission of academic success, by providing access to appropriate resources, in order to promote lifelong learning through the University and the greater Central Missouri Community. (FY 2002-2003 Annual Report, p. 2)

Library Vision Statement

Page Library will be recognized by its patrons and peers for its enthusiasm, and its effective use of current, enduring, and dynamic technologies to better serve the campus and community. (FY 2002-2003 Annual Report, p. 2)


The purpose of Administration within the library is to provide administrative direction and support in order to ensure the continuing operation of the library.  This area is generally covered by two positions, that of the Director of Library Services and the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Library Services.


The purpose of Archives is to serve as the official repository for the historical records and documents of Lincoln University of Missouri. Archives strives to preserve the University's history while providing access to the materials for users throughout the Institution and Community.  In addition, the Archives promotes cultural awareness by supporting ethnic-related lectures and exhibits, and by displaying archival artifacts and art.

The University Archives & Ethnic Studies Center is located on the third floor of Inman E. Page Library and generally operates with two positions; the University Archivist and a Library Assistant. 


The Purpose of Circulation is to provide a centralized location for managing circulating materials and a point of personal contact for patrons to facilitate customer service. Circulation serves as a major hub in the library, providing access to a variety of material and processes that are fundamental to library services. The processes include basic Circulation, Inter-Library Loan, Reservation of Materials, Reference assistance and other tasks as needed.

Because of its importance to the library, circulation is one of the more heavily staffed areas. It is covered by a day and night shift of professional staff; usually a split of 3 professional staff - day shift and 2 professional staff night shift. Day staff normally consists of a Circulation librarian, and two Reference Librarians. Night staff usually consists of a Night Manager and a Library Assistant.

Page Library has an Open Stack policy. This means that all patrons may enter into the stacks without identification in order to retrieve materials. However, patrons must present their institution ID to check-out materials.

Government Documents

The purpose of Government Documents is to provide access to State and Federal documents to the patrons of the library and act as a repository for such materials on behalf of the U.S. Government. Page Library was designated an official depository for the U.S. Government publications in 1944.  The online catalog is a tool for access to the holdings of other libraries including University of Missouri at Columbia (a full depository for Federal Government Documents) and Library of Congress holdings.

A Page Library Public Service Librarian is the overall Supervisor of the Government Document Area.  There is one full-time professional and one full-time assistant who work with government documents. Student workers are also assigned to provide assistance in this area.

Elizabeth Briscoe Wilson Technology Center

The purpose of a media service center is to provide access to technology and media based instructional materials and equipment through service, education, and access to current and advanced technology.  The mission of the Elizabeth Brisco Wilson Technology Center (EBW Technology Center), also known as Media Services, is to fulfill this purpose – in cooperation with other technology units on campus –, to enhance and support the library's mission, and to support Lincoln University's mission of education.

The EBW Technology Center is located on the ground floor of Page Library and is composed of several rooms.  It serves the University as an academic support unit and works to provide a broad spectrum of multimedia services.  A variety of materials, including hardware and software, is maintained by the center. Patrons may check out some items, depending upon policy and availability. However, some materials are not available for circulation.

The MC is staffed with two library personnel and student workers.  The library positions are usually listed as: Media Center Coordinator and Media Center Assistant. 


The purpose of periodicals is to provide patrons with current resources for daily interests and research and investigation of topics.

Page Library maintains a collection of current periodicals on the main floor. There is also a collection of older periodicals available in printed/microform formats on the third floor. Periodicals do not circulate. Periodical availability may be researched via the online catalog Arthur. An extensive collection of online database is available through subscribed electronic resources


One of the primary purposes of a library is to facilitate research and provide reference services to its patrons. To assist with this purpose, a reference station composed of a PC with two mirror monitors has been placed at the far end of the Circulation counter, facing the Reference Stacks. Here the librarian may assist a patron, allowing them to share in the process of the search and investigation. 

The library also offers online reference services which may be found at:

It is the policy that online reference questions be answered quickly, and within 48 hours of receipt of the query whenever possible. Librarians are not obliged to "do the work" for students, but to provide the means to acquire the answer when appropriate.

Reference is provided by all librarians, but there are three professional positions designated specifically as Reference; though duties may be split between other services.

Technical Services

The purpose of the Technical Services and System Administration Department is to provide core background services to assist with the mission of the library and University. It is responsible for the acquisition, cataloging and processing of educational materials for the Library, the coordination of the integrated online library system with the MOBIUS consortium, and the management of electronic databases.