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Travel Update

Extra...Extra...Read all about these upcoming opportunities

Seats are still available for the trips to the St Louis Zoo, October 1, and the 4-day trip to Joplin/Oklahoma, October 20-23.  Both trips are filled with exciting venues and fun-filled activities; check the itineraries in the current issue of the newsletter.

As a result of these opening we are now accepting non-members to join us on both of these fun and exciting trips. Do invite your friends, neighbors and/or those who enjoy traveling. And, yes, members may still register. 

If you have any questions or wish to register, please contact the Learning in Retirement office at 573-681-6152.

New Clubs
LIR is open to adding new clubs if enough interest is shown in an activity.
A new Canasta club began in August. It meets on the second Tuesday of each month from 10 a.m. until noon in Room 8 of Soldiers Hall on the Lincoln University campus. The class coordinator is Barbara Barnard.
Two other new clubs have been suggested. If Spades is your game, the Spades club may be a new offering. If you play a musical instrument and would enjoy jamming with others, then the Instrumental group may interest you. Please contact Marigene Brewer through the LIR office if you have an interest in either of these two clubs or in some other area.


If you are an LIR member and have not received the latest Newsletter or if you are not a member and would like to join our organization, please contact the LIR office. You can reach the office by phone at 573 681-6152, Monday through Thursday between 10 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., or by email at lirlearning@outlook.com.

Cancellation Policy

Just a reminder of our weather related cancellation policy. Please note that the policy regarding LIR trips is different than the policy for meetings, clubs and classes. 

Cancellations-Inclement Weather PolicyLIR membership meetings, classes and clubs will be cancelled due to snow or other inclement weather conditions if the Jefferson City Public Schools are not in session (weather related). Local radio and television stations that allow community cancellations will be notified along with one or more of the following: posted on the LIR website; an "ALERT" group email to all members with email address; and/or a call tree. Education Travel trip cancellations occur ONLY when the contracted coach company cancels the trip due to their determination of highway safety. Travelers are contacted individually should a cancellation occur.

The winter (January) general membership meeting is scheduled with a make-up date, typically the same day/time during the following week at the same location. Length and content of meeting will be adjusted to accommodate the make-up situation. In the event that a second weather related cancellation occurs for the membership meeting, a business meeting ONLY will be held within one week of the cancelled meeting. Place & time to be determined.

Membership Dues

The annual $40 membership fee for existing members is due in January and covers the entire calendar year, January through December. First time members who join LIR after June 30th, will be assessed a $25 fee which will cover membership through the end of the current year.

Membership information is available on this web site and within the bi-annual newsletter, The Learning Times.

Curriculum Committee

If you have any questions on courses offered by LIR, please contact Carol Ellinger, Chairman of the Curriculum Committee through the LIR office at 681-6152. Carol is always looking for ideas, teachers, and members to serve on the committee. Please contact her if you are interested or have suggestions.


Media Coverage

News Tribune's "Active Times"

Be on the lookout for Learning in Retirement, Inc. information and activities in The Jefferson City News Tribune's monthly supplement "Active Times".