Senate Officers, 2014-2015

 The Faculty Senate is presided over by an elected chairperson who may vote only in the case of a tie. A vice chair, secretary, and parliamentarian are elected by the Faculty Senate from among its members. The vice chair presides over meetings when the chair is absent. All officers are elected for a one-year term of office and may be re-elected for no more than three consecutive one-year terms.

Chair Amy Gossett

Vice-chair Bryan Salmons

Secretary Racel Sale

Parliamentarian David Heise

Duties of Officers of the Faculty Senate


    1. Issues notices of Senate meetings

    2. Preside at meetings of the Senate

    3. Supervise the functioning of the Senate and its established bodies

    4. Prepare and send an agenda for each meeting of the Senate 5 working days before the meeting

    5. Organize and appoint ad hoc committees as directed by the Senate

    6. Represent the faculty to the University administration and Board of Curators and serve as liaison between the faculty and external committees

    7. Forward any Senate actions to the appropriate Vice President of the University

    8. Represent the Senate as Lincoln University’s voting member at meetings of the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates.


  1. Presides at meetings of the Senate in the absence of the chair

  2. Assist in the supervision of the working of the Senate in such a manner as directed by the Senate or 

      by the chair of the Senate


   1.  Record the minutes of Senate meetings, regular/special/executive

   2.  Preside at meetings of the Senate in the absence of both the chair and vice-chair of the Senate

   3.  Publish for the faculty the minutes of the meetings by second Thursday of the month


  1.      Assure that Senate meetings are conducted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate  and current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order

  2.      Advise the chair on Robert’s Rules of Order

  3.      Assist the chair in determining a quorum