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Faculty Senate

The Lincoln University Senate was established in 1977 to serve as a major advisory body to the university president.   Until 2007, the Senate was composed of representative members from administration, professional staff, clerical and support staff and students and the academic faculty.  In 2007, the University Senate became a faculty senate.  A staff council was established to address staff related, non-academic issues.  To address issues of concern for both faculty and staff, the University Shared Goverance Committee was formed.  Both bodies are represented by the chairs of their standing committees and their elected chairperson and secretary.



Membership and Duties

The Faculty Senate is composed of all permanent and temporary, full-time members of the academic faculty (academic appointment of .75 FTE or higher). Its primary functions are as follows:

 1.      To initiate and participate in formulating the general educational curriculum and policies of the university;
2.      To recommend policies governing the conduct of students in academic environments;
3.      To recommend approval of new degree and minor programs;
4.      To recommend elimination of degree programs;
5.      To recommend candidates for the various undergraduate degrees;
6.      To recommend standards concerning academic competence, ethics, and academic freedom


 Missouri Association of Faculty Senates

 The Faculty Senate is an Associated Senate member of the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates.  MAFS's purpose is to strengthen the faculty component of college and university governance; share information, concerns, and governance procedures; provide leadership training for people involved in faculty governance and to work with government agencies for the betterment of higher education.