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You are now able to pay your national dues on-line by using the "Give Online" option and selecting the designation of "National Alumni Association Dues."  If you are a new member, Membership Applications along with the on-line payment receipt, should be submitted to: Lincoln University, Office of Alumni Affairs, 818 Chestnut Street, Memorial Hall, Jefferson City, Mo 65102

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Greetings fellow Lincolnites!

The Lincoln University of Missouri Alumni Association Membership Committee is delighted to have you visit us here. My name is Emily Mahon and I, like you, am a devoted "Lincolnite." I did not attend Lincoln, but I married well! My husband, Jim Mahon, is a Class of '61 alum, a Life Member since 1996 and serves on the LU Foundation Board. I have been an associate member of LUAA for years, a charter member of the NY/NJ Metro Alumni Chapter and I have attended almost all alumni functions since the turn of the century (this one).

I love Lincoln, I love what it represents, what it accomplishes, what it wants to accomplish, and its amazing student and alumni body. So I am delighted to be here to help any other Lincolnites in their efforts to become active members, to grow local chapters, to connect with other Lincolnites and to participate in the life of our beloved university.

With Jean "Kickie" Johnson ('98), our new LUAA President, I hope to help nurture the renewed enthusiasm of our alumni base and expand the reach of the association to the far corners where LU alums live. If you have any comments or suggestions for ways we can communicate better and make your participation easier, please let us know!!

Emily Mahon, Life Member, LUAA
2018 LUAA Membership Chairman

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