Reactive Green Dots

What's Your Green Dot

Reactive Green Dots are actions you take to safely intervene during acts of harm or red dots. These actions protect the person receiving harm. We have three methods to combat red dots.


Proactive Green Dots

Proactive Green Dots are designed to change the LU campus culture. When we fill our campus spaces with Proactive Green Dots we are setting two new social norms: 

1. We do not support violence on campus.                     

2. Everyone does their part to end violence on campus.


Proactive Green Dots

  • Wear a green dot pin or a pin from an advocacy or support center on campus on your jacket, shirt, or backpack and tell others what it means.
  • Follow LU Green Dot on Instagram and Facebook and share our posts on your social media.
  • Post a link on social media to a bystander intervention story or video you found on YouTube.
  • Like, share, or comment on a similar post you see from a friend.
  • Ask your RA, professor, student advisor, or student organization to bring in a bystander intervention workshop.
  • Have a conversation or text exchange with your friends, teammates, or classmates about how they can do green dots; or how important the issue is to you; or what you plan to do as your contribution.
  • Retell a green dot story you heard about a friend who intervened, spoke up, or got someone home from a party safely.
  • Have a poster, brochure, or flier about resources or prevention tips in your work space, locker, or in your residence hall.
  • Acknowledge and congratulate someone when you see them become an active bystander. 
  • Wear Green Dot Gear and let others know what Green Dot is and what it means to you.
  • Participate in a class discussion about this issue or related issues, modeling that violence on campus is something that needs to be dicussed.  


Thompkins Student Health Center

Student Health and Counseling Services

Lincoln University

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No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.