Departmental Hire Information

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Intra-Campus Employment Posting Information

Lincoln University provides employment for a number of students on campus. Often, these work experiences are a student's first exposure to the professional world of work. Campus employment, both work study and department hires, can provide students the tools they need to further progress in their chosen field of study and in a future career. Student workers can also be a valuable source to assist departments in day to day tasks.

Request for work study and department hire positions can be submited by using the Intra-Campus Employment Posting Form for Student Workers (a fillable form) and sent to The goal of posting campus jobs online is for students to gain the experience they will later need to apply for off-campus jobs and internships and gain a campus-to-career mindset as early as possible.

Student Information

The form must be completed and sent to Career Services so that your vacancy can be posted online. Departmental and work study eligible students interested in applying for work will:

  1. Visit Career Services website to view the posted vacancies.
  2. Complete the application and bring to the Career Center.
  3. Attend a workshop on resume development and workplace etiquette.
  4. Have resume approved by the Career Services department.
  5. Submit application packet to the department for screening and hiring.

See the career workshop page for dates and times for required workshops. These workshops will start promptly at 1:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday. Students who are late will be required to return for the next scheduled session.