Reserved Parking


"Reserved Parking" spaces are assigned spaces that are reserved for specific individuals.

Individuals that have a student or employee parking hang tag may not park in reserved spaces.  Parking is only allowed in the spaces that are not marked with a reserved sign.

Reserve Parking Spaces are designated with a sign that:

  1. states "Permit Parking Only";
  2. has a designated number that matches the "Reserved Parking" hang tag; and
  3. states "$50.00 Fine"


In Order to Park in a Reserve Spot, an Individual must:

  1. make a request to the Office of the President;
  2. receive approval from the Office of the President for a "Reserve Parking" space; and
  3. pay the required fee for a "Reserve Parking Space"

You will receive at a minimum of a $50 ticket if you park in a "Reserve Parking" space not approved for you ($75 if you have not purchased an employee or student hang tag and park in a reserved spot).

See page 12 of the Traffic and Parking Regulations for more info:

  • 8.06 Non-Moving Vehicle Violations and Penalties. The penalties set forth below are hereby established for violations involving non-moving vehicles or bicycles owned or operated by or in the custody or possession of students and visitors.
  • 8.0621 Parking in a numbered reserved space w/o a reserved permit $50.00
  • 8.0628 Fail to register motor vehicle $25