LU Secure Wireless

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The University operated an open unsecure wireless network untill 2006. In the modern era where mobile device technoloyg puts the internet at our fingertips the need for increased access and security prompted ITS to implement a secure wireless network.

What does this mean for me?


All users should connect to "LUSecure" to access this new network using the same credentials.  

No more Webpage logins!

LUSecure uses WPA2-Enterprise authentication, so you only have to enter your credentials once per device: when you connect to it the first time.  You will no longer be asked to sign in before you can access the internet!

LUWireless – For Backwards Compatibility

The legacy "LUGuest" network will still be broadcast for older or incompatible devices.  This network will provide the same limited connectivity and the captive portal login as before.