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The Auxiliary Services Department (AXSA) prints all University ID Cards. The Cards that are issued serve as a form of identification to access University facilities, meal plans, convenient store, and mail and print shop.



If I go in the cafeteria and the cashier says my ID is saying issue code invalid what does that mean?

  • You are using an old ID card. Only the last ID card issued will work. All old ID cards are deactivated once you receive a new one. This prevents others from using your lost ID card in the cafeteria or the resident hall.

If I go in the cafeteria and the cashier says my ID card says no board plan what does that mean?

  • Did you just move on campus and your meal plan has not had a chance to import into the cashiers system? Depending on what time of the day you signed up for your meal plan it could take up to 24 hours to show up in the cashiers system.
  • Are you an off campus student that has not filled out a Meal Plan Contract? If so you must report to Residential Life room 303 Young Hall and do a Meal Plan Contract. Meal Plan Contracts for off campus students must be done EVERY semester you fall contract is not good for the spring you must do another contract in January. 

I carry my ID card in my cell phone case, is that OK?

  • Storing your ID by your cell phone will demagnetize the card and it will not work in the Resident Hall or the Cafeteria.

I just moved into Sherman or Anthony Hall and my ID card does not work to access the building what should I do?

  • You can notify your RD to send an email to the Auxiliary Services office requesting you have access to the building.

If I go in the cafeteria and the cashier tells me my ID card says exceeded meals for this period what does that mean?

  • If you are an off campus student your meal plan week starts on Friday ends on Thursday. You have used your maximum meals for that week. Or you could be swiping your card during the same meal plan period. For example if you have a 3 or 5 meal plan and you swipe at 7:3am for breakfast the cash register will not accept your ID card again until 11:30am when the lunch period begins.

Can I punch a hole on my ID card and put it on my key chain?

  • We prefer you did not as it makes it difficult for the Cashier to swipe your card, but if that is your way of securing your ID card please make sure you do NOT punch a hole through the magnetic strip on the back of the ID card. 

How much is a replacement ID card?

  • ID cards are $25.00. You must pay for the card at the Cashiers Cage Young Hall and bring the receipt to Auxiliary Services, room 115 Young Hall. 

If the cashier tells me the magnetic strip is worn out on my card will I have to pay for a new one?

  • No, not as long as you have your old one to turn in.



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