Sociology Faculty:

  Dr. Christine Boston, Assistant Professor of Sociology 
  (573) 681-6193 
  Founders Hall 012

  Dr. Olivia Hetzler, Assistant Professor of Sociology 
  (573) 681-5229
  Founders Hall 014

 Dr. Sharon Squires, Associate Professor of Sociology 
  (573) 681-5152 
  Founders Hall 312

Lincoln University offers two bachelors degrees and a minor in sociology:
          A Bachelor of Arts with a major in Sociology
          A Bachelor of Science with a major in Sociology
          A minor in sociology

Required Courses

Major (B.A. or B.S. in Sociology):
The major requires a minimum of 33 hours with a grade of "C" or better in the following: S/A 201 and SOC 301, SOC 303, SOC 302 or 306, 3 hours upper-division Anthropology; 3 hours upper-division Social Work; SS 451 and 452; SOC 453, SOC 415 and 454. Students may elect to take as many electives in the major as they desire upon completion of the required courses for the major.

Minor: Sociology: S/A 201 and 15 hours of Sociology including 6 hrs. at the 400-level.