Department of History and Political Science

Dr. Bruce Scovill

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Interested in a career of thinking, decision making, writing and influencing people? Then consider a major in History, Political Science or Social Science Education or a minor in History, Political Science, Philosophy or Social Science Education.  Scholarships are available for Cole County residents majoring in History or Political Science. 

A degree in History or Political Science can lead to exciting careers in federal, state, and local government; law; business; journalism, education, management, advertising, information management, and foreign service to name a few. Jobs include but are not limited to analyst, lobbyist, congressional aide, foreign service officer, archivist, professor, librarian, historian, judge, research analyst, pastor, genealogist, foreign news correspondent, FBI/CIA agent, historic site administrator/guide and so much more. 

A minor in Philosophy provides students with an understanding of and skills in the process of thinking, and the historical development of western thought and its practical applications.

Degree Programs

History Political Science Philosophy Minors
B.A., B.S. European/World B.A., B.S. Political Science Minor, Philosophy Minor, History or Public History
      Minor, Legal Studies or African American Studies
B.A., B.S. United States History     Minor, Political Science or Social Science Education
BSED in Social Science      
Masters of Arts in History