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Lincoln University of Missouri is partnering with State Fair Community College (SFCC). You will find power in together — where the people walking beside you, those who came before, and those leading the way are all here for your success. Lincoln offers flat-rate tuition, plus merit and need-based scholarships, to help transfer students find success and achieve their dreams.
The Connect Blue program opens a new path to two-year and four-year degrees for State Fair and Lincoln University students. LU-SFCC’s Connect Blue concurrent enrollment program will make the SFCC students’ transition process from their associate degree to the completion of their undergraduate baccalaureate degrees at LU seamless and support students’ success.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an LU SFCC concurrent student, you will need to take at least once class at LU and all other courses at SFCC. SFCC would be considered your home intuition where all aid will be processed. You can live on LU’s campus and participate in all res life and LU activities, while pursuing your Associates of Arts degree at SFCC.

Students can only receive financial aid at one school (your home school). Your home school is the school where you are pursuing your degree and where you are taking a majority of your classes. This is the school you should send your FAFSA to for aid processing. Then meet with the financial aid office to complete a consortium agreement to evaluate courses at both schools for financial aid eligibility.
Students must complete the FAFSA and make sure to add SFCC to the college section. Students are responsible to provide all documentation to complete the financial aid process.
Courses enrolled at both schools must apply to the degree pursuing at the home school. Those courses will determine how many credits are eligible for federal aid. Your home school will process your aid and pay toward your account accordingly. You are still responsible for paying for courses taken at LU.
While your credit hours at both schools count towards the full-time credit hour requirement for A+, you can only receive A+ for courses that apply to your degree at State Fair Community College. This means you may need to find another method of payment for your courses at LU.
If you request a loan or have other funding that can be disbursed to you after your SFCC bill is paid, SFCC will send out a disbursement check or direct deposit to you once your courses have started and you have been reported as attending. You would then take those funds and pay your bill at LU.
Before you drop a class or change your schedule, always talk to the financial aid office of the school you are receiving aid from. Dropping a class may impact the type and/or amount of financial aid you are receiving. You may even owe financial aid back to the school in some cases.

You will be billed from both schools and it is your responsibility to pay each school separately. This includes tuition and fees as well as any other related charges. Schools will not automatically transfer aid to pay bills. 

After you are enrolled, appropriate documentation from the organization paying your bill must be submitted to the correct office. Contact the SFCC Business Office to determine where to send documentation.
Yes. You will receive two billing statements, one from SFCC and one from LU. You are responsible for paying each institution by their appropriate deadlines.

If you live on the Lincoln University campus, you will be responsible to pay the room and board at that location, as well as any course fees you are taking there.   At SFCC, you will be financially responsible for the tuition and fees associated with any courses you have there.  

No.   A+ funding can only be used at participating public community college or vocational/technical school.   You would not be able to use your A+ scholarship at Lincoln.   For more information related to A+, click .    You may however, be eligible to use PELL once you transfer to Lincoln University.   Please see the Financial Aid office at both facilities if you are considering a transfer from one school to another. 

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State Fair Community College provides relevant and responsive learning experiences that empower our students and communities to prosper.

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State Fair Community College will be the communities’ preferred choice, where students, faculty, and staff realize their confidence, passion, skills, and potential.


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