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About the Office of Graduate Studies


Lincoln University has been offering graduate degree programs since 1940. Currently, Lincoln offers four graduate degrees: Master of Arts (MA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Education (MEd), and Master of Science (MS) with a choice of eight different majors as well various emphasis areas. Majors in the MA degree include sociology, history and sociology/criminal justice. MEd majors include teaching and guidance and counseling with choices for emphasis areas in elementary, middle school or secondary teaching and elementary, secondary or community/agency counseling. Science majors include environmental science, integrated agricultural systems, and natural sciences. MBA students have their choice of emphasis areas in management, accounting, public administration/public policy and management information systems.

The Office of Graduate Studies provides basic program information to all prospective graduate students and is responsible for promoting the graduate programs through advertising, exhibits and mailings. The office also arranges meetings with graduate advisors and campus tours for students who are not familiar with Lincoln University. All application materials for admission to a specific graduate degree program are submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies. There the information is compiled for review and sent to the appropriate academic departments. The individual academic departments make the final admission decisions.

In addition to processing graduate applications, the Office of Graduate Studies manages all matriculation activities, including finalizing Graduate Approved Program (GAP) forms, posting graduate transfer credits, organizing comprehensive examinations, overseeing thesis activities and processing applications for graduation. Office staff work closely with academic department heads and graduate advisors to ensure that graduate students successfully matriculate through their respective programs and meet all of the requirements of their degree programs. The office also works closely with the Graduate Council which consists of representatives of each of the academic units offering graduate degree programs. The Graduate Council is responsible for reviewing and approving graduate policies, new graduate programs and new graduate courses to submit to the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. The Graduate Council works closely with the Office of Graduate Studies staff to publish the bi-annual Graduate Bulletin and also reviews and make recommendations concerning graduate student appeals.