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Private Educational (Alternative) Loans

Many private lending organizations offer loan funds to assist students with their educational and living expenses. Sometimes referred to as 'alternative' loans, these non-need-based programs help bridge the gap between the total cost a student incurs to attend LU and the funding being received from federal, state and other financial aid programs.  For some private loan programs, principal and/or interest payments can even be deferred until after the student graduates or otherwise drops to less than half-time enrollment status.

You're strongly encouraged not to borrow private educational loan aid unless absolutely necessary. This is because such loans normally have a higher total cost than federal loans. Although a great many private loan programs exist, we've selected a few as our preferred lenders and they are listed on our Private Loan Lender List which is available online. Since there are many from which to choose, Lincoln University does not endorse any particular program for our students.

Please be advised that a student borrows private educational loan funds in his/her own name. However, a creditworthy co-signer is usually required if the student does not have a positive credit history. In addition, the private educational loan funds a student may receive combined with his/her federal, state and other assistance, cannot exceed the Cost-of-Attendance assigned for the loan period.

Additional Information about private loans: Blog from lendedu