Helpful Hints

  1. Plan ahead. Please observe these deadlines:
    • February 1 deadline to apply for institutional scholarships
    • March 1 for Federal College Work Study and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant consideration
    • April 1 deadline to apply for state grant


  2. Stay in touch. Respond promptly to any correspondence you receive from the Office of Student Financial Services, and keep a record of all correspondence.


  3. Complete forms carefully and completely. Mistakes can cause delays. Make sure that all information is accurate and that your name and Social Security number appear on all documents. Sign in all of the rights places and fill in all of the blanks.


  4. Ask questions. Write down with whom you spoke and when.


  5. Keep good records. Save copies of forms, correspondence, and any other financial aid information.


  6. Check out private sources of financial aid. Look into sources such as employers, professional associations, labor unions, foundations, religious organizations, and clubs and civic groups, particularly those in which you and your family are involved. Libraries and high school guidance counselors are good resources of information and can provide publications about aid. For resources available on the internet, click here:


  7. Check out government sources of aid. Attend financial aid night at a local high school and learn about government scholarships, grants, and loans. Pay attention to deadlines and information.


  8. Know what is included in the financial aid budget on which your award is based. For example, does it include allowances for books, supplies and travel?


  9. Reapply every year. Most financial aid awards are not automatically renewed.


  10. Remember the Office of Student Financial Services is here to help. Call at (573) 681-6156.


Our Title IV school code is: 002479