Peer Review of Online Courses

Lincoln University is a member of Quality Matters (QM).  QM is nationally recognized for its peer-based approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement of online courses. This membership provides Lincoln University faculty and staff opportunities for QM peer reviews using the QM rubric. Three peer review options are available to Lincoln University faculty to improve their online courses.

Option 1: Internal QM Reviews

The Quality Matters rubric is used to review your online course. There are multiple ways to receive informal feedback about your online course using this rubric:

QM Request Form

Option 2: Formal QM Reviews

An online course will gain national recognition if it meets the expectations of the Quality Matters Rubric. To gain national recognition, the course must be formally reviewed. At Lincoln University, a formal review consists of a peer review team of three QM certified peer reviewers, two of whom are from Lincoln University and one from another university. The review team provides feedback about the online course within 5 weeks from the start of the review.  Courses that meet the QM standards for quality online course design will receive national QM recognition.

QM Request Form

Option 3: QM Recertification of QM Recognized Course

You will need a new Quality Matters Review on a previously recognized course if:

  1. You have started or stopped using publisher material.
  2. You have changed your course or module level objectives.
  3. You have changed, added, or deleted 20% of your assessments.
  4. You have changed 20% of your instructional material.
  5. You have changed 20% or more of your navigation or course structure.
  6. It has been  5 years since the last review.
QM Request Form



For more information about the peer review options, complete the QM request form or contact our office at, or (573)681-5206.