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Southeast Missouri

The objective of the LUCE Youth at Risk Program is to assist participants to succeed in school and in life. We have adopted one of the “Show Me” State educational performance standards, “Students in Missouri public schools will acquire the knowledge and skills to make decisions and act as responsible members of society," as our main goal. In addition, we work closely with our students’ public school teachers to decide which of the “Show Me” knowledge standards our program can assist our students with.

We operate an after school program normally with 45 youth attending. In the after school program we conduct three rotating classes with 15 students in each class. One class will be conducted on life or character skills, one class on basic computer skills, and one class will be conducted assisting students improve their understanding of the Missouri knowledge standards and assisting the students with their homework.

Youth Development - Caruthersville


Pictures are from “Internet Search” learning activity where students learn how to search the Internet for and acquire valuable information while playing an enjoyable game with rewards. These pictures are from our 2004 Summer Program where the subject matter was Black History. For example, did you know that the first President of the USA was really a black man named John Hanson? These students do!



The Googles


In the summer, we conduct a summer program with approximately 60 youth attending. We have the same overall goal and objectives with the addition of health and nutrition. We feed the students a balanced breakfast and lunch obtained through the Delta Area Educational Opportunity Corporation, DAEOC. We have four rotating classes rather then three. In the summer, we continue the basic computer and life skills classes and we conduct physical education class and an arts and craft class.                     


Youth Development - Caruthersville








The Yahoos

Currently Matt Kronz, Program Assistant II is working with youth in Southeast Missouri.  Two new web sites have been created they are located at

During our 2005 Summer program our youth created a web site which they use to share information.  You can view this site by clicking this link
Blue Tiger Cub Reporters Web Site.        

The impact of this program has been increased knowledge and skills indicated by pre and posttest, observation, and by the actual grade cards of the youth participating. Increased morale, willingness to learn, improved self-esteem, and improved social skills have been noted.


For More Information, Contact:

Matthew Kronz, Program Assistant II
Lincoln Univ. Coop. Ext. Outreach Center
201 N Stoddard, Sikeston, MO  63801
Phone: (573) 471-3059
(573) 471-3475

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Phone: (573) 471-3059