Youth Development title
Kids Beat

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Program Area: Youth Development

Location: Southeast Missouri


  • Elevate self-esteem, confidence, and self -improvement through educational training

  • Empower youth and communities through education and cultural experience

  • Prevention of substance abuse (illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco) and teen pregnancy preventionLincoln University Youth Development Kids' Beat program has more than 1000 enrolled students that participate in a variety of activities. Activities promote leadership development, conflict resolution, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, and assist in the acquisition and application of knowledge and resources.


Students enrolled in the program learn about many topics including, but not limited to: social competencies, problem solving, verbal and written skills, and academic excellence.

Impact: An important part of the mission of Lincoln University is to enrich and empower youth in a geographically and economically depressed area. Kids' Beat inspires students to reach their fullest potential through education and preventive activities.

For more information contact:

Sherry Maxwell
Program Assistant II
Lincoln University Cooperative Extension
Lilbourn Office
Rt D and River Rd
Lilbourn, MO 63862
Phone: (573) 688-2824