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The Central Missouri Youth Development and 4-H division of Lincoln University Cooperative Extension (LUCE) offers many programs that educate, involve and impact the youth of central Missouri. Here is a summary of the programs we offer:

Outdoors Rangers Camp 2014 badge logoThe 2015 Outdoor Rangers Camp, a three-day camp offered in Jefferson City, Missouri at Lincoln University's Central Missouri Youth Development Campsite, August 4 - 6, 2015. The camp is designed to provide an opportunity for 10 - 15 year old youth to develop healthy habits in a natural habitat. Students discover and explore the natural environment and learn about fishing, hiking, survival skills, archery and team building workshops. For more information, contact Adrian Hendricks II, (573) 681-5523, click here for flyer or visit our Outdoor Rangers Camp 2015 web page. [Thank you to all Outdoor Rangers Camp 2015 participants - Registration is closed.]

Young Medics ClubThe Young Medics Program is a partnership between Lincoln University and the CALEB Science Club of the University of Missouri. This collaboration project is designed to promote academic interest in the field of science, anatomy and medicine. This program is designed to give students ages 10 - 16 a hands-on approach to learning through inquiry and research. Students will enjoy learning with their peers and health professionals from the local hospitals, university staff and community leaders. The 2015 camp will be held Tuesday, July 7 - Thursday, July 9, 2015. For more information contact Adrian Hendricks II (573) 681-5523 or visit our Young Medics Camp 2015 web page. [Thank you to all Young Medics Camp 2015 participants - Registration is closed.]

  Sports Camp 2K15 logo

 The Sports Camp is a three-day camp for youth ages 7 - 15, encouraging hands-on sports to promote physical activity. This all day camp is held on campus at Lincoln University's Jason Gym, 909 Lafayette Street, Jefferson City, Missouri, Tuesday, June 2 - Thursday, June 4, 2015, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Registration will be open through Monday, June 1, 2015. For more information and to register, call Adrian Hendricks II at (573) 681-5523, click here for flyer or visit our Sports Camp 2K15 web page. [Thank you to all Sports Camp 2K15 participants - Registration is closed.]

Gathering of Kings The Gathering of Kings conference is designed to bring grandfathers, fathers, sons, brothers, uncles and nephews together to gain more knowledge on such topics as entrepreneurship, fatherhood, self-motivation and the influences of an urban culture on youth. Males, ages 13 and older, are invited to attend the daylong, intergenerational conference that focuses on the strengths of minority males, while providing insight on rebuilding families and communities. Visit our Gathering of Kings  webpage for information.

Robotics Club

The Lincoln University Robotics Program is designed to introduce students ages 12 -15 to the world of engineering and technology. Students will engage in hands-on activities designed to stimulate and promote an interest in the field of technology. This 4-week program will bring students from around the state of Missouri together through distance learning and robotic competition that will impact their lives for years to come. 

Future Billionaires ClubThe Future Billionaires Club (FBC) focuses on providing financial education to 6th - 10th grade youth while developing community oriented entrepreneurship projects. This youth entrepreneur awareness program helps next generation youth leaders strive to reach their dreams in business through informative speakers, team challenges, and engaging workshops. 

Strong Hearts Brilliant Minds Courageous Actions logo

The Strong, Brilliant and Courageous (Strong Hearts, Brilliant Minds, and Courageous Actions) program provides minority 6th – 10th grade youth academic enrichment through an African centered curriculum. This program encourages reading literacy, critical thinking skills and leadership skills designed to strengthen cultural and historical awareness.  

Hip Hop Camp dancer

Hip Hop Camp is a carefully developed two and half day youth program that started in 2007. Targeting 130 youth from throughout the state of Missouri, the camp utilizes Hip Hop to help participants learn and understand more about poetry, alliteration, speech, debate, music video production, money management, leadership development, beat production, art and dance. Attendees also learn about African American culture and history. Hip Hop Camp is designed to empower youth ages 8 - 17 to take a stance in their development by analyzing cultural influences.

Childhood Obesity Reduction and Physical Fitness


Fitness Fighters Program is a 7-week program offered in Jefferson City and Fulton, Missouri. The Fitness Fighters program is designed to provide an engaging environment that promotes physical activity, health awareness, safety and self-confidence among youth while reducing childhood obesity and obesity forming practices. The program introduces participants to ways of increasing their health and nutrition while learning new skills in self defense. The Healthy Habit workshops and nutrition competitions help participants understand the benefits of staying fit for life! 

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Afterschool ProgramThe Afterschool Program students will enjoy a safe, stimulating environment and have fun while learning, during activities in: health and fitness, poetry and music, money management, robotics, and photography. The program will be held weekly, Monday through Friday on the Lincoln University campus. The program is open to youth ages 8 - 17. Visit our Afterschool Program webpage for registration and more information.

For more information on our Youth Development and 4-H Program contact:

Adrian Hendricks II, M.Ed., M.AR.
Regional Educator - Youth Development
Cooperative Extension
304 Allen Hall
900 Chestnut Street
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
Phone: (573) 681-5523
Fax: (573) 681-5546


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