Our Mission

The mission of the Office of University Relations (OUR) is to promote Lincoln University, its academic and non-academic programs, its faculty, staff and students and its overall contributions to global society, to audiences on the local, state, regional and national fronts. 

The OUR provides assistance in creating informational and/or promotional materials and other publications, advertisements and media releases.  Our staff includes a graphic design team to assist in the layout of printed materials.  In addition, we offer an extensive photo archiving system for use in publications and other areas.  We also provide professional photography services.  

Our Services

The Office of University Relations is here to help the departments and offices of Lincoln University with advertising and publications. This office offers assistance in the production of catalogs, manuals, brochures, reports, posters, flyers and other informational publications. In cooperation with the submitting organization, the OUR will work to create a product that accurately reflects the message, while keeping costs at a minimum.