Surgical Technology


Surgical Technology is an Allied Health profession whose primary concern is the care of surgical patients in the operating room. The Surgical Technologist helps prepare the operating room with necessary instruments and supplies while testing equipment. The primary role is to maintain the sterile field and aid the surgeon by passing sterile supplies or directly assisting with the surgery.
The Surgical Technologist is a direct patient care provider and is therefore in contact with and works in conjunction with the patient, his/her relatives, physicians, nurses and other health care professionals.
The purpose of the Lincoln University Surgical Technology Program is to prepare students who have demonstrated the necessary desire, aptitude, strength of character and maturity to pass the National Certification Exam for Surgical Technology and to be selected for and to hold a Surgical Technologist position. The purpose however does not end there. The student will be taught the Surgical Technology Code of Ethics, the Patient Bill of Rights, the principles of quality assurance and the elements of safety and infection control associated with all skills presented.


To produce surgical technologist who:
·         Can function as a surgical technologist who provides and participates in the coordination of patient care as a member of the surgical team by demonstrating knowledge of aseptic
          technique, surgical procedures and instruments.
·         Will enter at entry level in cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains.
·         Will have a sufficient background to assimilate the policies and procedures of any health care institution consistent with their scope of practice.
·         Have a broad knowledge base and the intellectual skills enabling the surgical technologist to embrace lifelong learning.
·         Complete the program objectives and surgical technology competencies.
·         Protect themselves, co-workers, and patients from communicable disease and are concerned with patient safety.
·         Are competent to pass the National Certification Exam for the Surgical Technologists within one year after completing the program



Sample Program of Study
Leading to the Associate of Applied Science Degree
With a major in Surgical Technology
1st Semester     Fall     
SGT 101     Introduction to Surgical Technology*     3 cr. hr.                                   
SGT 102     Medical Terminology*                             3 cr. hr.
GE 101       University Seminar                                   1 cr. hr.           
BIO 103      Introduction to Biology-Lec                      3 cr. hr.
BIO 104L    Introduction to Biology-Lab                      1 cr. hr.
ENG 101     English Comp. 1                                       3 cr. hr.
                                                                                 14 cr. hr.
2nd Semester  Spring             
SGT 103      Fundamentals of Surg Tech-Lec             4 cr. hr.             
SGT 103L    Fundamentals of Surg Tech-Lab             2 cr. hr.             
BIO 208       Anatomy & Physiology-Lec                     3 cr. hr.            
BIO 209L     Anatomy & Physiology-Lab                     2 cr. hr             
PSY 101     General Psychology                                 3 cr. hr.
SGT104      Pharmacology                                          2 cr. hr.
                                                                                 16 cr. hr.
3rd Semester   Summer                                                           
BIO 301     Microbiology with Lab                               4 cr. hr.
SGT201     Pathophysiology                                       2 cr. hr.
SGT202L   Surgical Technology Clinical                     1 cr. hr.                                    
                                                                                    7 cr. hr.
4th Semester    Fall
HIS 205      American History/ or equiv                      3 cr. hr.
SGT203     Surgical Procedures I                               4 cr. hr.
SGT204L   Surgical Technology Clinical II                  9 cr hr 
                                                                                  16 cr hr.           
5th Semester   Spring
SGT205    Surgical Technology Trends & Issues     2 cr. hr.
SGT206    Surgical Procedures II                              4 cr. hr.
SGT207L  Surgical Technology-Clinical III                 9 cr. hr
                                                                                15 cr. hr.                    
Total credits                                                     68