Refunds from Overpayment/Excess Financial Aid

The Student Accounts Office prepares refunds each week for those students who have received Financial Aid that results in a credit balance or who have overpaid. Refund checks are available on Friday of each week.

The first refund checks resulting from excess Financial Aid for each semester will be available during the second or third week of class. In order to receive a check at that time, your financial aid must have been processed prior to the financial aid deadlines. Late financial aid will be processed as soon as it is received.

The tentative first refund dates for the year are (Tentative refund dates are subject to change!):

Fall 2013
September 13, 2013First Disbursement
November 8, 2013Second Disbursement
October 4, 2013First Disbursement for First-time Borrowers

Spring 2014
January 31, 2014First Disbursement
April 4, 2014Second Disbursement
February 21, 2014First Disbursement for First-time Borrowers

Summer 2014
June 12, 2014First Disbursement
July 10, 2014Second Disbursement
July 10, 2014

First Disbursement for First-time Borrowers

Note: These refund dates are tentative and subject to change without notice. To inquire about the availability of a refund, contact the Cashier's Office at (573) 681-5085.